Tassie Tiger Caricature Machine Embroidery Design (TAZZY)

Tassie Tiger Caricature Machine Embroidery Design (TAZZY)

Puttock International Pty Ltd t/a JM Embroideries & Collectibles


Details:- Stitches: 4385; Height: 53.3mm; Width: 61.3mm; Colors: 6; Color changes: 6; Stops: 7; Trims: 12; Total thread: 25.12m; Total bobbin: 9.27m

# St.  Code  Name  Chart
1 1860 0941 Golden Grain Isacord 40
2 245 1344 Coffee Bean Isacord 40
3 1169 0501 Sun Isacord 40
4 288 1200 Sunset Orange Isacord 40
5 228 0010 White Isacord 40
6 162 0941 Golden Grain Isacord 40
7 431 0020 Black Isacord 40


This caricature-style Tasmanian devil machine embroidery design will definitely bring a bit of witty fun to your next project. With its mischievous grin and friendly personality, your embroidery creation will be sure to put a smile on everyone's face. And with its versatility, you can use it to create a myriad of unique items such as apparel, home decor, and accessories. So if you're looking to add a bit of devil, here is it ready to stitch out.

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