Long Horned Steers Head Machine Embroidery Design (an-longhornsteer20)

Long Horned Steers Head Machine Embroidery Design (an-longhornsteer20)

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Animal Designs:- Long Horn Steers Head, 66mm x 200mm, an-longhornsteer20

  • Height (mm):- 65.9
  • Width (mm):- 200.0
  • Stitches :- 5578
  • Colour Changes :- 0
  • Trims :- 4
  • Colours :- 1
  • Stops :- 1
  • Total Thread (Metres):- 28.33
  • Total Bobbin (Metres):- 10.06
  • Maximum Stitch Length (mm):- 4.7
  • Minimum Stitch Length (mm):- 0.2
  • Jump Length (mm):- 6.1

Stop Sequence:-
# - Colour - Stitches - Length

1 - Choice - 5576 - 28.12m

Are you looking for a way to western up your wardrobe without splashing out on something new? Embroidering a long horned steers head design might just do the trick! Whether it's in bold primary colours or more muted earthy tones, this statement-making motif can add an eye-catching hint of western flair to any ensemble. So, if you're looking for a real fashion Maverick, why not consider embroidering a long horned steers head onto your clothing today! It'll have you ready to stampede into the hottest trends in no time!

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