Kangaroo With Joey in Pouch Machine Embroidery Design (an-kangarooa)

Kangaroo With Joey in Pouch Machine Embroidery Design (an-kangarooa)

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Animal Designs:- Kangaroo With Joey in Pouch, 66mm x 72mm, an-kangarooa

Height (mm):- 66.0
Width (mm):- 71.5
Stitches :- 7468
Colour Changes :- 1
Trims :- 7
Colours :- 2
Stops :- 2

Total Thread (Metres):- 31.42
Total Bobbin (Metres):- 9.59
Maximum Stitch Length (mm):- 6.0
Minimum Stitch Length (mm):- 0.1
Jump Length (mm):- 8.1

Stop Sequence:-
# - Colour - Stitches - Length

1 - Orange (C359) - 4292 - 20.60m
2 - Brown (C790) - 3176 - 10.52m

This adorable kangaroo design is perfect for everyone, especially animal lovers. Featuring a mama kangaroo and her joey in pouch, this embroidery pattern will make you want to give them both a big hug! With its realistic detailing and charming colors, you're sure to create an eye-catching piece that can bring some kangaroo-cuteness to any outfit or project. Hop on over and give this kangaroo design a try - you won't regret it!

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